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Bank of Queensland Tasmania LogoBank of Queensland (BOQ) Tasmania opened its first branch in the state back in 2006. Surprisingly it chose Launceston ahead of Hobart initially.

It wasn’t long however, until the ever expanding BOQ opened up another branch in Hobart as well. As it stands in 2016, these are still the only two branches that the bank operates in Tasmania.

BOQ is a 138 year old Australian organisation which, if you hadn’t gueesed it, was originally founded in Queensland. From there is grew rapidly across the country and now services Australian citizens in every single state.

One major difference that sets BOQ apart from the other banks, is that its branches are run by owner-managers. Meaning that they are not only employees, they own the branch as well!

For example, Tony Barnard is the Owner-Manager of the Launceston branch, whilst Don Macleod is the Owner-Manager of the Hobart branch.

As of 2014, BOQ had around $43 billion in total assets, with a fine net income upwards of $260 million. Not bad at all.

Bank of Queensland Branch Tasmania

BOQ Tasmania services in the financial industry include:

  • Personal
    • Everyday banking
    • Credit cards
    • Personal loans
    • Savings and investments
    • Visa debit
    • Travel money
    • Insurance
    • Wealth manage
    • Self managed superannuation funds
  • Business
    • Agribusiness
    • Corporate and property
    • Small-medium business
    • Financial market products
    • Merchant and payment products

Head office address

Bank of Queensland Headquarters
BOQ Village
100 Skyring Terrace
Newstead, Queensland

Postal Address
Bank of Queensland
GPO Box 898
Brisbane, 4001


General Enquiries (24/7)

  • From Australia: 1300 55 72 72
  • From overseas: +61 7 336 2420

Credit Card Enquiries (24/7)

  • From Australia: 1300 55 72 72
  • From overseas: +61 7 3336 2222

Lost/Stolen Credit Cards (24/7)

  • From Australia: 1800 077 024
  • From overseas: +61 7 3336 2222


  • 1800 67 55 11

Media Centre

  • 07 3212 3018
  • 07 3212 3172

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