ANZ Tasmania Closing New Norfolk Branch

ANZ Tasmania Closing New NorfolkANZ have cited changes in customer behaviours as the reason the bank if being forced to close its only New Norfolk branch.


ANZ spokeswoman stated as the bank has seen more and more of its customer move away from the traditional over-the-counter transactions towards mobile, online banking.

Bryans Mitchel, the Federal Labor MP for Lyons explained the closure of the branch was to result in five of its six staff taking a redundancy package whilst the last employee accepted a transfer to their Glenorchy branch.

This move coincides with many closure of branches around the country and internationally. Inparticular, ANZ and Westpac announced many closures of their branches around New Zealand. With ANZ closing a total of 7, mostly in rural areas, and Westpac a huge 19 branches were to be closed over the coming year. Again, due to the ever increasing number of customers choosing online banking over visiting a branch.

ANZ New Norfolk Branch Closing

ANZ New Norfolk Branch Customer Usage

New Norfolk has seen only 20 percent of its customer physically going into the store for over-the-counter transactions. While nearly 50 percent solely use mobile or internet banking.

One ANZ customer, Mr Evans, was voting with his money. After the announcement from ANZ,  he’s put in plans to move his home loan and all his other banking needs to one of the three remaining branches in the town. Those include Commonwealth Bank, MyState Tasmania, and NAB.

As of writing, ANZ is currently in the process of informing the community and its council members, both of whom are not too impressed with the situation.

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